People Want Relationships That Work

It’s how we are made.  Your dream life has to include relationships. Great relationships.  We want three very important things in our lives.  And we want them to go well for us. Extremely well.

They are health, wealth and relationships.  At first glance health or wealth might appear the most important.  But is that right?  How do they relate to your relationships?

Sometimes we hear somebody say health is the most important thing anybody can have.  They comment on the benefits and argue good health leads to great happiness.

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To make life great is a balancing act

Somebody else will suggest the most important is wealth because that enables you to buy good health and happiness.  Does it really?

How often do we read about wealth causing family disagreement?  Or about wealthy people suffering horrendous physical health problems?

Yes – good health does provide so much to many people.  We hear them say that if you have good health you’ve got everything.  Why, then, do so many have good health and bad relationships.


Why do so many people with great wealth fail in their closest relationships?  How often do we hear that money cannot buy happiness?

It might feed our desire for ever more material things.  It can also do a lot of good in the right hands.  Financial independence can provide so much of what you want.  You can live your dream; but where does your dream take you?


Is this the destination of our pursuit of good health and financial wealth?  The place where our capital – both good health and financial success – really does give us a multitude of opportunities?

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Close relationship

People both want and need relationships

In fact a whole range of relationships.  Take a look at nature and what do we see?  Even in the most basic life forms relationships are vital for continuation of their life.  Move up the scale and look at plants and animals.  Countless millions of relationships have developed throughout the evolution of life forms.

People – you, me and many others – have the most complex relationships that nature has ever achieved.  Get them right and we have the most enjoyable and exciting lives we could ever wish for.

Living your dream life

You probably imagine many ways of making life great for yourself and the people around you.  They will include your family and friends – the obvious people we all think of.  There are others.  Perhaps the people we work with. You could probably include the people living near to you.  Maybe there are some you only see very occasionally but they are still important to you.

​You will consider some as close friends and others as more distant.  They can all be part of what you do to make your life and theirs better than it used to be. Do it right and life really can be great.  What does your dream life look like?

What do you imagine your great life experiences will include?

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Facing the future together

Ask a large group of people and you will get three words to describe what they all think a great life must have.

Health, wealth and relationships

Usually in that exact order.  People are concerned about having really good health throughout a long life.  To pay for all the things that make a long life interesting – full of excitement and enjoyable experiences – they want financial wealth.  Many think it is the solution for better relationship building.

Building blocks for your dream life

What makes a dream life has been written about countless times.  By authoritative commentators and a multitude of self-appointed experts.  Invariably they emphasise the big three – health, wealth and relationships. Follow their advice and you will achieve a happy life.

They are probably right.  Health, wealth and relationships are usualy at the top of everybody’s list.  Get them right and your dreams come true.

Good health is everything in life

​We hear that so often.  It has become a phrase repeated by virtually all of us.  Perhaps poor health does cause problems that adversely impact lives.  Pain, medical expenses and even mental conflicts are just some of the frequent causes of unhappiness.

Today many people with good health fail to give sufficient attention to maintaining it.  They never stop to think just how important good health is for an enjoyable life.  Why?  It seems strange that they appear not to think their life is important; both to them and to those around them.

Others treat themselves like athletes do.  They push their bodies to achieve ever greater results.  They want to be fit for life.  To really enjoy a healthy, long life full of great experiences that only a healthy body can deliver.

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Relationships mean a lot

​Financial wealth can’t buy happiness

But it can help.  Financial greed does not result in true happiness. Used wisely money helps us achieve our goals.

We all have goals.  In our school years we often go through the process of achieving educational goals, going to university and getting a good job.  Then the aim is to ensure you have enough money put aside, often in a pension fund, to live out your old age.

Things are changing.  Today more and more people are achieving other ways to build wealth and manage their lives.  We call it financial independence; being smart with how to manage your money.

It requires you to develop ideas about how to make money rather than simply earn a wage through long hours of daily work.  It is becoming possible for ever more people.  We live in a world where more and more of us have money to spend.  It’s no longer just a dream.

Relationships are the most important part of our lives

We associate with people.  We live with people and we love people.  Relationships with people are important to us.  Some live with poor health or little money but without relationships what would life be worth?

People seated on a bench by a pond

Developing new relationships

Health and wealth can be challenges for many of us.  Building the right relationships can be even more challenging.  Meeting the wrong people is a path to disaster if we try to build a relationship.

On the other hand the right relationships lead to true happiness.  They can be a significant part of our route to success in other things – like health and wealth.

Good relationships help us to understand and believe in others.  To get involved in what they are doing and share with them what we are doing. For people it transcends health and wealth.  Life is possible with poor health and little wealth but without relationships we might as well not be here.

Personal relationships involve not only physical interactions but also mental ones.  We think about somebody we have a relationship with and they think about us.  It does not require a physical action to initiate those thoughts.  They mysteriously enter our minds even when we have done nothing to consciously cause them to do so.

Perhaps that is a sign of why relationships are the most important part of life.  They make life great.

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