Making Life Great For Yourself

​You probably imagine many ways of making life great for yourself and the people around you.  They will probably include your family and friends.  Those are the obvious people we all t​hink of but there are others.  Perhaps the people we work with. You could probably include the people living near to you.  Maybe there are some you only see very occasionally but they are still important to you.

​You will consider some as close friends and others as more distant.  They can all be part of what you do to make your life and theirs better than it used to be. Do it right and life really can be great.

So what do you imagine your great life experiences will include?  Ask a large group of people and you will get three words to describe what they all think a great life must have.

Health.  Wealth.  Relationships.  Usually in that exact order.  People are concerned about having really good health throughout a long life.  To pay for all that makes a long life interesting – full of excitement and enjoyable experiences – they want financial wealth.  Many think that is the solution for better relationship building.

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