How easy is it to lose excess body fat?

Today we live in a world where many people suffer from problems of excess body fat. That can be in many parts of the body but typically is noticed most obviously in the tummy area.

First, consider some of the reasons we see wide spread evidence of the tummy fat problem.

A lot has something to do with affluent life styles. Especially for people in western nations and other high income parts of the world. It has become too easy to buy ready-made meals on the go. Think of the national chains of convenient take-aways.

Suppliers know competition for the customer’s money means they have to provide meals that people like. Those foods are typically high in fats because producers learned long ago that customers prefer fats to green vegetables. That is not a problem because our bodies can deal with it - as long as we enable them to do so.

It is extremely important for the health of those nations at risk that people know what to do regarding their high fat diet. Get it wrong and there will be a rapidly growing number of people suffering serious health problems. Many are already dying at younger ages.

Are our bodies designed to work well on a high fat diet?​​​

Nutritional sciences went though years of believing high fat intake was a high risk factor. Science has moved on and today we understand much more about our diet. Old diet programs and products sold to people at high costs are out of date. But they are still being sold in high volumes because too few people have discovered the truth.

For a tiny fraction of the cost of those out of date diets people are now enjoying far improved health and more enjoyable life styles.

There are big problems

Out of date diet product companies have a big hold on the market. People have become accustomed to seeing their advertising and hearing from friends who use them. Without more knowledge it is impossible for most people to recognise the harm those suppliers are doing to their customers.

Another problem is the pharmaceutical manufacturers themselves. They have years of research behind the diet health products being sold. They need people to keep buying them. Their products continue to be prescribed in vast quantities.

Research over recent years has shown how wrong some previous ideas were. Today we know our bodies gain substantial benefit from a properly managed high fat diet. In fact it is now seen to be the correct way to control body fat and avoid the problems of excesses.

Low carb – high fat die​​​​ts are often called LCHF diets

You might have heard about low carb – high fat diets but not really know what it means. Put simply it is the reduction of carbohydrates you eat and replacing them with healthy fats. They are so good for people that it has become a recognised way to rapidly lose weight.

Newly understood science shows that getting energy from the ketones in fat is probably better for us than using glucose from carbohydrates. It certainly forces our bodies to use the stored fat. That is how the tummy fat can be very quickly reduced.

An LCHF diet is believed to have other positive effects on several conditions. They include heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

To change to an LCHF diet you need to understand how to manage it. Such as controlling your intake of the right foods in the correct way. It has to be implemented according to a very specific and healthy system. LCHF requires a little understanding and planning.

An interesting story

One or two programs are available. They tend to be expensive which is unfortunate as the high cost stops many people from using them. Fortunately a good guide has been produced at a very low cost.  Just buy a copy and follow the LCHF diet for years to come. There is nothing further to pay.

That guide has a very interesting story about how it came to be written. It started with a couple who had too much body fat. They knew they wanted to improve their health but didn’t know how. An unfortunate incidence when they were travelling overseas caused them to meet a medical doctor. He had a special knowledge of eliminating excess body fat.

You should take a look at the video they had made. Here’s the link:   Most people get amazing results from just two minutes each day. They do a ritual that is part of this very special way to use the LCHF diet. People lose excess body fat very quickly. Often as fast as a pound each day. It never returns as long as they follow the simple guide.

There’s no intensive exercise; no restrictive dieting, no tasteless foods and no dangerous medical prescriptions. Could it help you? Of course it will if you want to reduce tummy fat.

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