Does health have an affect on your wealth?

Good health often provides a strong base on which people are able to build greater financial wealth.  It does not happen for every person considered to have a healthy life style.  So there has to be more to it than a simple relationship between health and wealth.

How does health affect your wealth capital?

What often appears to be a more clearly defined connection is looking at it from the other angle.  Not from people with financial wealth but people with poor health.  They rarely achieve greater financial success.  Those people appear not to have the physical capability demanded to generate financial wealth.  It requires the determination and ability to put in the hours of work needed especially in the early stages of building wealth.

It was even considered by some researchers that inherited wealth has a beneficial affect on health.  Others are now questioning that assumption.  They suggest there is a positive benefit to inheriting wealth but the magnitude is thought to be far lower than previously assumed.

Research supports the fact that wealth has a statistically significant effect on health.  The question now is to what extent.  Summarising the data it appears that the connection seen between health and wealth is not a result of wealth gained over a short period such as inheritance.

Bigger, positive affects come from longer term wealth such as that generated by a successful career.

Even in highly developed nations we see the results financial wealth has on a person’s health.  In countries where many people have jobs that are well paid we still see frequent examples of those who live at the lower level of income.  Just looking at them tells us they are not as fit and healthy as those with highly paid careers.

The alternative route to financial wealth for some is through their own business.  Within this website you will find ways that people have used to become wealthy.  We have explored them and written reports and comments to help you understand how you can also do it.

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